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Cinematic actor headshots must have three qualities:
They should accurately show what you look like on a great day. 
They should capture a unique and interesting aspect of your personality.
And they should be engaging, human and emotional photographs.
Alejandro Marcos specialises in capture real emotion when it's happening. He is known for the genuine expressions he obtains in his actors' headshots.
The artist aims to get a natural, real and empathic portrait. He prefers that the actor is using natural make-up or not at all. A candid hairstyle and everyday clothes.
All of these to communicate an unpretentious and sincere picture that help film directors, producers and casting directors to watch a straightforward and undesigning look.  The photography  presents a real image of the actor, one that you can trust.
It is in fact... a portrait of the soul.
The photographer creates images in natural light and chooses interesting locations outdoors in Madrid City. 
The shooting is based on an interview with the actor. This interview is designed to reach his/her right brain (the intuitive and emotional side).
The questions are not rational or logical, converting the dialogue into an emotional self exploration. This process connects with the subject in a profound manner and without even noticing the presence of the camera, the photographer captures their essence as artists and human beings in a split of a second.

330€ per session in MADRID City, Spain.
* Headshot shoot OR Portrait Shoot
* Natural Light/outdoors
* Unlimited pics taken
* 50-100 contact sheet
* Image Review
* 10-15 Processed images included
* Extra retouches please add 33€ per additional image
Thank you!

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